Organic feminine care made for you.

 100% organic and biodegradable feminine care customised by you.

How it works

Yoppie is a box of biodegradable tampons made from 100% certified organic cotton. Our tampons are free from synthetic materials and chemicals. From just £5.90 per month, you will receive a box perfectly tailored to your period flow and cycle.





Your Menstruation – Her Education

Menstruation should not make girls miss school. Having your period is one of the most natural events in a girl’s life, but this doesn’t mean that everyone will experience it in the same way. It can be confusing and difficult for most initially, and in some places, even dangerous.

Yoppie – Making Your Period Matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use organic cotton?

Rayon is the most commonly used material in tampons. It’s highly absorbent, restricts airflow and traps heat and dampness. This promotes yeast and bacteria growth. Non-organic tampons contain what we refer to as ‘regular’ cotton, which contains synthetic materials & harmful chemicals. Our tampons are made of one single ingredient, 100% certified organic cotton, produced in Europe.

How does Yoppie Work?

Yoppie is convenient. Choose your selection of 18 organic and biodegradable tampons from an assortment of different sizes: Mini, Regular or Super. From £5.90 per month, you will get your Yoppie combo delivered, monthly or every 2 months. The best thing, For every Yoppie box you shop, we donate a month’s worth of sanitary items to a girl in need.

What size do you offer?

Our tampons follow the industry standards. Mini, regular and super. Our tampons have a comfortable fit & the same leak protection as non-organic tampons. We promise or you get your money back. We want you to be happy!

What if I am a pad user?

Don't worry! We are working on it and will be launching Yoppie pads soon. Send your interest to

What is Yoppie's cancellation policy?

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

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