Your Menstruation, Her Education

We want to create a movement, where women can empower each other and inspire people around them to do better. Choosing Yoppie doesn’t just mean loving and honouring yourself, but that you care for the environment and our planet too.

Meet the Founders

Yoppie started with the goal of making everyone’s period that much happier, hence our slogan ‘Your Happy Period’!

We thought the market was missing a simple and natural option for sanitary products. A product that not only discloses all the ingredients but draws attention to some of the major problems that still exist in the world. A world where over 100 million girls lack appropriate sanitary products. Menstruation is often a reason for why these girls miss out on school or even drop out. This, in turn, means that their chance of developing as an individual as well as a collective is hindered.

In addition, we were tired of having to frantically search through bags in the hopes of finding a single tampon or run stressed and hormonal to the nearest store each month. We were also tired of having to buy boxes of differently sized tampons just to obtain the size suitable for that month’s cycle or that day’s flow. Making our period unnecessarily pricey.

We also marvelled over how few people there are that actually question the industry for sanitary products. Yet, a woman on average wears a tampon for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime, where ingredients such as chemicals and synthetics are extremely common in ordinary sanitary products. These were harmful ingredients that we expose our bodies to every month. Substances that we know are bad for both your body and the environment.

We also want to give our sisters less fortunate that us, who suffer in multiple ways due to their menstruation, a better chance. We have chosen a business model where every customer matters and who can, in turn, help a girl in need. We believe it’s important and necessary to implement philanthropy not only in our personal lives, but also in our profession.

It’s time for a change!

Your Happy Period

Daniella Peri & Nova Hoffman Bermejo


Our Story

Spring, 2015

It all started while strolling through Hyde Park, pondering over the fact that we never had tampons at home when we need them. ‘Can you imagine never having to run around all stressed-out and hormonal to the nearest store ever again? Or never having to buy several boxes of different sizes that makes the period unnecessarily pricey?’ That is how it all started…

Autumn, 2015

We started sourcing the market for the best organic cotton. When we started we realised that we didn’t know what was actually in regular tampons and when we found out… let’s just say that we are proud of our products being 100% organic.

Now, imagine getting your period with no sanitary protection at all. What would you do?

There are so many girls in that situation every day all over the world, making them miss out on important opportunities in life. We don’t want girls to be held back by something as natural as menstruation. So we decided that we had to do something.

28 September 2016

Is the day we launched Your Happy Period and the rest is history… No, just kidding, we are only at the beginning of our journey. An exciting and important journey that we hope to share with you.

Meet the Yoppie Team

We want to inspire more people to make decisions that have a long-term positive impact, not only for themselves but for the planet and others too. We want to lead by our values and mission.
So, of course, there are some kick ASS women behind Yoppie and our growing community.


Nova Hoffman Bermejo

Nova grew up in Stockholm, Sweden where she is based at the moment. She has a background in Business and Nature science. She moved to London 2015 for 1,5 years where she and Daniella started Yoppie. Her motto in life is YOLO.

“The opportunity to work with something that not only improves the health of women, but also contributes to a better everyday life for young girls in other parts of the world is extremely motivating.”


Daniella Peri

Daniella grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and in 2014 moved to London. Since then she has been based in London, where she founded Yoppie “Your Happy Period” together with Nova Hoffman. She has a background in organisation, operations, and marketing. Always been driven by organisational development with a commercial mindset. She doesn’t like when people lie and when people only prioritise perfection.

“The idea of adding charity to your business model is something that more people should do. Charity means loving the people around you, and using your power and resources to affect people’s lives in positive way. The world would automatically become a better place if we all harnessed our potential to help others.”

You can follow her daily life here @daniellaperi

Fanny Leksell
Our Finance Queen

Fanny brings several years of finance experience to Yoppie. She has a background in M&A, finance, and banking. Living in Stockholm, her mission is to help Yoppie implement sustainable solutions to give more girls the possibility to stay in school and get the education they deserve. When Fanny is not working, you can probably find her with her close friends or with her twin exploring cities during weekends our in the stable.

Naima Ekman
Our Creative Soul

Naima, our graphic designer and creative soul. Born and raised in Stockholm and lives in a house just outside the city. She has years of experience working within different sectors and industries, making brands come alive. Outside the office, you will see her doing her best moves on the dance floor and the next day in her own garden planting vegetables, flowers and seeds with her twins Bibbi and Harry. She is a true creator, in all different elements.

Go and follow her now @naimson

Carole Maury 
Our Marketing Guru

Carole grew up in Paris, France, and moved to London in 2015 where she met Daniella and joined the Yoppie adventure in fall 2016. She has a passion for brands and has been lucky enough to work for great global brands for more than 15 years. She is a true Marketing Guru. Carole is a true believer in positive thinking.  “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” Dalai Lama

Jessica Franck
Our Business Development and Brand Management Intern

Jessica, our little star and super hero. Our first intern, and here to stay. We promise you’ll see more of this girl. She grew up between Sweden and Switzerland, contributing to her insatiable sweet tooth. She studied art history and HR, and is currently doing her MSc in psychology. When not at university (or with Yoppie) you will probably find her practising yoga or spending time with her friends, family, & the loves of her life (her two dogs).

Carolina Diaz
Our Social Responsibility expert  

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain. She has a bachelor in Economics and Development. From living in places such as Hawaii and Vancouver she brings profound experience within CSR. She believes, when people living in vulnerable places are given means they are able to change the world. Her motto in life is: If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.

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